Reg began his Motorsport career in 1980. His school counselor told him ‘your choice is unrealistic, come back and see me when you thought about it some more.’  Reg very proudly will tell you he left school at 15 years and 3 days and has never been back!! Leaving his native Australia the end of 1989, along the way he has lived in Germany 13 years, Italy for 2, worked for several major European car manufacturers, learned 3 more languages and has travelled all over the globe winning championships and major races along the way. In 2001 Reg married French born Nathalie and moved to California. They started MOTORVATION, Inc. and Reg offers his motorsport experience and services thru this entity to the present day. He has extensive experience with, tire management programs, logistical services & support also car construction – primarily the carbon fiber side and more. “After 30+ years I still enjoy it” Says Reg, “Let us know how we can help you win!”

MOTORVATION also has provided services for other automotive endeavors for example – Building the winning car for the X-Prize Edison 2 team and full composite body for runners up, Illuminati Motor Works.