If it can be sewn we can embroider it!

Do you do Screen Printing?   Yes, we currently do not  screenprint onsite but we are able have a specialist Screenprinter we work with do it on our behalf. Sometimes customer requirements call for both embroidery and screenprinting on the same garment – no problems we have got it covered.

Do you have a lot of colors?   Yes, we have over 300 different colors in stock at any time including Neons, Glow in the Dark and Metallic as well. We have color cards in our office to match up your specific needs exactly.

Can you copy a Logo I have?   Maybe! If it belongs to a company or proffesional sports team then NO unless we have written authorisation from them. If it is your own work sure. Call us to clarify this if your not sure.

What do you need to copy a Design?   We need to digitize the design from your clear artwork, business card or letterhead.

Can you make a design or logo for us?   Sure! we have over 7250 stock designs in stock to work with or we can do something individual as designated by you.

How much does it cost?   Every job is an individual project so it varies. For low volume the sewing part is $1 per 1000 stitches. For big orders we are able to discount this.

Do you sell Garments?   Absolutely! click onto our online catalog to make a garment selection or for your headwear, bag or sports team needs call us direct for the latest.

Can I get a Catalog?   We keep thousands of speciality catalogs in our office. For the bulk of our regular garments we offer our online catalog for you. It is always updated with the latest styles, colors, etc.

How do I order from you?   Make your garment selection online. Call or email us with the item number, color, size and quantity you wish to purchase. We will always quote you a garment price before we order in. Then we settle on your design, color selection and placement. We will call you when its done.

Do you need a deposit?   Yes, we like 60% up front unless you are an existing customer in good standing.

Can I pay with VISA Card?   NO! We accept cash and check only at this time.

How long will it take?   A typical order will be completed in 7 to 10 days if digitizing is required. Stock designs or lettering only can be several days – sometimes less.

What is you minimum order?   1 piece. We try to cater to everyones needs. Please be aware 1 hat is going to cost more per piece than 25 pieces. This holds true for Button production also.

I’ve got a design on a floppy, can you use it?   Usually Yes. We use the latest software and can open most manufacturers digitized file types. We will make the final decision if the file is good enough to meet our standards.

Can I return this Garment?   If the garment has embroidery put on it then NO. If there is a manufacturing defect with the garment show us and we will probably replace it for you.

I want a design on my car mats, can you do it?   Normally not but we do embellish bags, back-paks, some canvas chairs and blankets. Call us for specific info about your requirements.

Can I buy 1 of the Racing Team shirts you sew for the teams?   NO! Contact the individual race team directly at their merchandising department.

Have you got garments or samples in stock?   We stock some popular headwear styles in small quantities and have a few garment samples available. Call us.

For all your Hemet Embroidery needs, contact us  951 852 4782